Light and Charger Kit

SKU: LL1164O


This product does not include the bracket in our road flare kits, it only includes replacement flare and charger.

  • 24 super bright LEDS, visible up to 2 miles
  • 7 flashing patterns
  • Intrinsically safe design with a rubber-tight seal (not certified)
  • Powerful magnet to attach to metal surfaces
  • Made of durable materials, crush proof, corrosion proof, waterproof
  • Recharges so that it is ready for use when needed

Kit Includes:

  • Red 24 LED flare with powerful magnet and rechargeable battery
  • Lag tree screw
  • 12 V charger
  • 120 V charger
  • Storage pouch.

DOT & Traffic Safety Compliance

  1. U.S. DOT (FMCSA) 49 CFR 392.25 & 393.95 (g)
  2. MUTCD Type A (flashing) and Type C (solid on)
  3. NFPA 1901 Standards for Traffic Safety, Section 6.7.3 Miscellaneous Equipment.
  4. Florida Motor Vehicles 316.228

Disclaimer: Log light strobe laws vary by state. Please check with your local authorities for compliance. It is the responsibility of the user to adhere to state law, keep light charged, clean, and visible.

Super Strobe 24 LED Flare has a 90-Day performance warranty from date of purchase when used in this heavy duty road flare kit. Super Strobe is not liable for Buyer's handling or use of product and makes no warranty expressed or implied when not used or stored in accordance with directions. Super Strobe shall not be liable for cost of labor, incidental or consequential damages, and this warranty is limited to replacement of product or credit or purchase. For all other questions or concerns regarding our products, please fill out a form on the contact page.

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